Police in Rumbek arrests suspect over killing of 13-year-old boy

By Yang Ater Yang

A man is currently in police custody for killing a 13-year-old boy in Rumbek town.

The suspect, whose name has been given identify as Arang-rang Mayor Dut is said to have committed the crime.

Confirming the incident to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper, the Commissioner of Rumbek Central County Dut Manaak Akuot indicated that the suspect had killed “two people in Cuei-bet County some years back and escaped from his family but now he committed other crimes in my county, killed 13 years old boy”.

According to Dut, the suspect went to the house of the victim and committed the crime.

“He went there with a machete and other weapons, immediately he got to the house of and hit him with stick and slashed his throat since there was no one to help, he died out of excessive bleeding. He decided to sneak out from the community after committing the crime but he was apprehended by some security organ” Dut said.

“He is currently in the custody of the Cuei-bet County detention station in the same where he came from” Commissioner indicated.

“The body of the deceased has since been deposited at their home and buried whilst the suspect has been handed over on Wednesday to custody for investigation” he said.

Dut blamed the situation on the use of drugs like Marijuana by youth in the area in the area and urged communities to monitor their wards to a vert such an unfortunate incident happened.

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