Global community, UN tasks CTSAM-VM to assess Upper Nile conflict

By Bida Elly David

The international Community has made a call for CTSAM-VM to make serious investigation of the deadly conflicts that claimed many lives and left many more displaced in Upper Nile region saying that there was need to restore peace and hold the perpetrators accountable for the act against humanity.

This action plan came into rise last Wednesday through the United Nations Mission in South Sudan, the African Union, IGAD, R-JMEC in conjunction with personnel of the African Diplomatic Corps following the deadly tragedy in Fashoda.

Upper Nile has been impeded by a number of tragedies such as political turmoil, inter-communal violence distorting lives of many innocent civilians, threatening humanitarian workers and their services at the internally displaced camps in the State.

Recently, attacks were waged against internally displaced persons at Fashoda IDPs camp leaving the refugee seekers and their relief providers in total dilemma.

The act against the internally displaced persons by the folks drew the attention of the United Nations and the international community mandating CTSAM-VM to seriously carry out quick investigation and evaluates how the incidents transpired.

The conflict in Upper Nile has seriously affected commercial activities through movement of goods and passengers to benefit the domiciles of the state.

According to piled reports, the attack at Fashoda was believed to have been waged by an organized armed militias against the internally displaced camp of Aburoc that has been hosting more than six thousand civilians who were victims of violence in the city.

According to a joint statement made last week, the body had serious deliberation on the falling security position in Upper Nile and some parts of Jonglei state recommending quick investigation before the situation escalates.

The peace partners felt bad on the devastating security situation in the aforementioned states that were affected by community violence as well as other armed bodies.

They seriously warned the internally displaced persons in the camp against inciting violence urging them to peacefully wait for the right time to go back to their homes. They also called on humanitarian bodies to continue delivering their relief to the vulnerable persons in the affected areas.

UNMISS and the other peace bodies have strongly urged those planting state insecurity especially the local leaders and the political fighters to cease hostility and dialogue for the sake of peaceful co-existence. They also demanded intervention of the government to initiate peaceful dialogue between the fighting communities to stop bloodshed.

They underscored that the fighting among the groups in upper Nile was an act against human rights thus calling them to respect human dignity and rights through forgiveness and putting down arms.

They finally demonstrated their commitment to jointly work with the government of South Sudan to ensure that everlasting peace prevail in South Sudan particularly Upper Nile and Jonglei.

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