Balanda Community urges demilitarization of local populations

By Mary Poni

The newly elected chairman for the Balanda Community Association (BCA) has promised to work hand in hand with the government to disarm the local populations especially targeting the youth in the country.

The newly elected head of the association, Mr. Andera Dominic made his vow to the media in an interview during his inauguration in Juba.

He reiterated that their association is going to cooperate with the government to disarm all the local population as soon as their community offices are set.

He stated that despite members from the IO, IG, or SAWA, including other parties in the association, they are urged to serve as normal members in the community without political interference.

“Besides the disarmament, we will be looking into calming critical issues of violence in the country,” said Dominic.

“I believe we will try our best to stop any violence and will concentrate on building unity whether the communities are organized or not because it is one way to stabilize ourselves and the country in all,” he stated.

Andera believed that the local populations in both states and in Juba are not armed unless those who are in IO saying if there is any order of disarmament, the local government officials and the local chiefs at the grassroots would stand responsible to disarm whoever has arms.

He promised that through collaborative efforts with the government as the chairperson of the association, they will stop anything linking to violence and insecurity in their areas.

“Any person who rebelled against the system can’t be easily stopped by the community unlike the government to regulate it and as chairperson of the community, we will only give positive advice to the locals but if there is any violence, that’s where the government have to intervene,” Dominic noted.

“I am going to form a committee to redraft the constitution because two years in the office is nothing,” he stressed.

Andera stated that maximumly and all over the world in a system, in every constitution, a person is to serve for four years in the office and then there would be a second time to recontest as final term.

He said he will engage his fellow colleagues who were not elected because at least they have shown potentials of leadership though not voted in all activities the association would be projected to do.

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