Episcopal bishop of Kajo-Keji diocese dies in Nairobi

By Mary Poni

The Bishop of the Episcopal Church, Diocese of Kajo-Keji, Emmanuel Murye Modi died in Nairobi hospital at around 5am yesterday (Wednesday).

Bishop Murye was flown to Nairobi on Tuesday night and admitted at the Nairobi Hospital in Kenya when he collapsed in Kajo-Keji where he served.

The Archbishop of the Episcopal Church of Central Equatoria Internal Province, Dr. Paul Yugusuk made a clip video announcing the death of Bishop Emmanuel on Wednesday morning, stating that he died of heart attack.

“I Dr. Paul Pitia Yugusuk, the archbishop of Central Equatoria Internal Province and on behalf of the entire bishops and the congregation, I would like to inform His Grace Dr. Justin Badi Arama, the Archbishop of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan, the Episcopal Diocese of Kajo-Keji and the Kuku community that this morning at Nairobi hospital at 5 am, Bishop Emmanuel Murye Modi passed on due to heart attack,” he stated.

His dead came after he collapsed sooner after the Archbishop Yugusuk arrived at his home for reconciliation meeting at the deceased home town, Kajo-keji on Monday 5th Dec.

The late was suspected of having suffered stroke after he complained of severe pains in his head and heart and was evacuated to Juba for further treatment. 

The deceased has been leading the Kajo-Keji diocese since 2018.

Before referral to Nairobi, he was first flown to Juba for further treatment where he got admitted at Promised Hospital under Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

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