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Kush Bank unveils free deposits and withdrawals

By Bida Elly David

Kush commercial bank has gloriously initiated and introduced fee-free deposits and withdrawals in all their branches across the Country aimed at breaking down financial defies as well as showing commitment to boost credit facilities inform of offering cash to women traders aimed at strengthening their financial stability.

Kush bank was established in 2012 and was licensed by the Bank of South Sudan as a national financial institution, offering retail and commercial banking products across the country from 6 branches, with another 4 branches in development in 2022/2023. The Bank offers a full suite of banking products, including individual, commercial, humanitarian, investment services, and advisory products.

Speaking to the media yesterday, Ryan O’Grady the chief Executive officer for Kush Bank said that their mandate was to ensure efficient and effective delivery of banking services to their targeted customers at lower cost.

He said that the bank has also laid a strategy to offer credit facilities to South Sudan traders especially women business associations committed to generate income to support themselves.

In continuation, Ryan pointed out that the bank offers 95% chances of employment to South Sudanese in all the departments saying that they stand against discrimination and racism rather promote positive service delivery through the skills from young bankers.

He reiterated the bank’s commitment to break down barriers to financial inclusion to support the development of sustainable finances to help the Country diversify and develop a strong and ethical financial sector.

“We live and work in a country where operating a bank is very expensive; this is a fact of offering services in the newest nation on earth, where infrastructure is still developing,” he said. “As a national bank in South Sudan, where the rate of financial inclusion is amongst the lowest on earth, we have an obligation to break down barriers to financial inclusion, to support the development of a sustainable SME sector, and to help our country diversify and develop a strong, ethical, and transparent financial sector,” he continued.

He said that they have embraced digital footprint, launched a mobile application and internet aimed at simplifying cashing of cheques with no difficulties saying that soon the bank will experience speedy expansion of its branches across the Country despite having seven now.

“We invite the people of South Sudan to join us in strengthening our economy and building a safe and transparent financial system together. Earlier this year, Kush Bank embraced a digital footprint, launching a mobile app and Internet Banking, and the bank further strengthened its footing by announcing a major branch expansion in key markets, the bolstering of services through a capital raising division, and an investment and advisory team based in Dubai,” he noted.

“As the needs of South Sudan continue to mature and grow, Kush Bank will grow with them as a trusted partner to the community,” Ryan added.

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