Awet tells SPLM to repay citizens’ debt

By William Madouk Garang                            

The second deputy chairman of the SPLM party, Daniel Awet Akot has appealed to party’s bigwigs and members to deliver services to the people as a payback for their substantial support to SPLM/A movement during the struggle.

Awet said the party has restructured itself therefore it’s now time for the party to refocus its objectives and mission for service delivery.   

“We have put the leadership fully and the question is when are we now going to work? That is what our people outside there are waiting for, no more politics but time to do the work,” said Awet.

“This is our last chance to pay back what our people were doing to us for thirty-nine years now next year will be forty years,” he continued.

He made this remark during the closing of the SPLM national liberation council conference on Tuesday.

General Awet explained that since inception of the historical liberation party in 1983, all those who were born during that time are now thirty-nine years old and coming months they would turn forty years with no amenities.  

“We spent 21 years, when we run out of food – we only get food from those people [citizens] and we are not paying them. We need to pay them now – what they have been paying us for 21 years … until independence,” he urged.

“I appeal to the conscience of our leaders that this is the time to pay back to our people to reduce their sufferings,” he noted.

Mr. Awet said when they ran out of food during the liberation struggle; they used to force people to cultivate but after independence, people turned to be beggars for food relief despite the vast fertile land. 

“Now we are begging with water running. It is our collective responsibility to do everything for our people and pay them back.” “Politics of begging has ended, it’s a time to work with our own hands and make ourselves a food,” he stated.

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