Chamber slams city council over poor waste management

By Bida Elly David

The chairperson of Central Equatoria State chamber of commerce has slammed the authority of Juba city Council over poor waste management pointing out that the city has become so dirty as garbage has taken lead in surrounding most parts of Juba with bad smell.

Last year a row between the chamber of commerce and the city Council triggered numerous syllogisms in regards to cumulative imposition of tariff duties against domestic and foreign merchants.

The chamber of commerce being the voice of the business people fought a fight to save their souls from the heaving bandage of taxes and other unjustifiable charges. At the same scenario the chamber of commerce vowed to retain the legacy of the business people in good and bad times.

Speaking to the media this week, Robert Pitia, the chairperson of Central Equatoria State chamber of commerce said that most of the markets and highways are filled up with piled garbage accompanied by terrible smell creating unconducive business environment to traders and their customers.

He said that the city Council has become redundant in executing their duties to keep the city clean and green according to their beautiful and unique slogan.

Furthermore, Pitia said that most of the citizens in various residents have taken the advantage of dumping their piled garbage along highways believing that the garbage collection team from the council would come for pick-up but the availability of the waste has hygienically transformed the city into a worst scope.

Pitia added that the presence of the garbage along highways and in the market has been the major cause of the continuous medical complications citizens undergo, thus removing them could have been the initiative of the waste management department within the city council.

At the same juncture, Pitia said that putting into consideration punitive measures against citizens who randomly dump wastes along the roads and in the markets would be a crucial role that the council would have executed to ensure proper waste disposal.

He appealed to the Juba city council to purchase a waste recycle machine for collecting and storing the garbage to mitigate random disposal saying that the volume of waste produced in Juba is too much.

“We need to hire a recycling company in order to collect the waste being dumped in Juba for producing other products. I am appealing to our government to hire a company to recycle the garbage so that we also benefit from it,” he said.

However, efforts to reach the authority of Juba city Council for comment did not materialize by press time.

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