Chollo King Reth advocates for peace

By Mary Poni

The King of Chollo Kingdom His Majesty Reth Kwongo Dak Padiet said South Sudanese are one tribe and one nation as he advocates for peace in the country.

He said the blood in his body contains a mixture of three different tribes within the country, thus, he still considers himself a South Sudanese not by his Kingship, but because he is a South Sudanese by origin.

His Majesty King Kwongo added that, his blood will not let him to be discriminative to the people of South Sudan, saying historically South Sudanese are one people.

The King spoke to journalists and other delegations from, Concern Organization from the office of the First Lady Mama Mary Ayen Mayardit yesterday.

“We are all one people,” he noted.

The Chollo King urged the citizens to stay in peace while calling on the politicians to patiently wait for their period of election peacefully. He added that “whoever is elected in, we will all consider him the father of the people of South Sudan.

“We would be the sons and daughters to the leaders who will be ruling this country as we are under the umbrella of Kiir who is honored as the father of the nation including his subordinates,” he continued.

The King asked God to help this country with his grace and with the hope of pouring each of every South Sudanese heart to speak peace instead of violence.

King Kwongo said that whatever the tribe the person is from, when the time for election comes and if he or she contests and voted in, will govern the whole country, but not some parts of the country.

He said he will arrange the Shilluk Community to meet with the president on an occasion that will be organize by the King and Shilluk people in Juba as he waits for confirmation of the date for the meeting from the Office of the President.

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