Mayor warns aliens against immoral acts

By Bida Elly David

The mayor of Juba City Council has warned foreign companies and merchants against establishment of small lodges for promoting sexual immoralities and directed them to render nationals, full chances to exercise businesses for the sake of promoting domestic industries.

He said this during the event of chamber of commerce awards ceremony held in Juba over the weekend attended by number of operating companies and organizations across the Country.

Speaking during the event over the weekend, Michael Lado Allah-Jabu, the Juba city mayor said that South Sudan has become a center for immoral practices as foreigners build prostitution centers aimed at spoiling progenies in the Country.

Allah-Jabu revealed that Juba has been surrounded by number of petty established lodges where young children and adults practice immoralities and promised to demolish down all passive structures that are not well constructed to mitigate such practices.

He also noted that most institutions, businesses have been dominated by foreign human resources exempting the local population to practice ways of promoting their industries to improve their standards of living.

“There are small lodges at the residential areas in poor structures. It is not proper to build lodges in such formats. We need South Sudan to be like other Countries in the World” he said. “We will destroy them such that they are built in a proper way to compete with others,” he warned.

The city major underlined that the tendency of building such small lodges promotes wrong practices. “We need well-built hotels to raise the shape of the city up,” he urged.

Mayor Allah-Jabu said that foreign traders have been purchasing commodities at the international market at affordable prices and later impose burden to the local final consumers inform of price rise.

Juba city Mayor revealed that most foreign operating companies across the Country have allegedly been known of selling toxic and expired goods to the local consumers as well as involved in money laundering which is a global crime.

Allah-Jabu further directed the foreign companies and traders to focus on wholesale trade and desist from the tendency of running both segments of businesses aimed at being dominion of market.

He stressed that South Sudanese were discouraged because of being overpowered by the aliens amid impoundment of most trading chances and services in the Country.

At the same note, he also reiterated that that his authority would never hesitate punishing those businesses that shall not abide by the local government act saying that city council would not stop its mandate of collecting revenues for service delivery in the city.

He pointed out that city council has the mandate over control of businesses as mandated to them by the local government act.

Finally, he punched some well-established hotels against poor establishment of roads annexed to them.

Meanwhile, Salwa Bukang, a representative of South Sudan chamber of commerce criticized local traders amid laziness and called them to seriously engage in business to enable them promote local industries.

She said that being redundant was one of the reasons why foreign enterprises take advantage of business monopoly in the Country and markets.

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