Tribute to late bishop Emmanuel Murye Modi

Late Bishop Emmanuel Murye Modi

By Maring Lujokudu Naminteng

Late Bishop Emmanuel Murye Modi was one class ahead of me at Bishop Gwynne theological college in Juba from 1991 to 1993.

We were all the Disciples of our beloved Principal late Benaiah Poggo and Rev. Gordon Abina Waya.

In the student’s leadership, he was the head of the Worship and Liturgy committee and the Librarian Assistant, and I deputized him as head of the worship and Liturgy committee and Librarian Assistant.

After their batch was passed out in 1992, I replaced him as the head of the Worship and Liturgy committee and the Librarian Assistant.

We graduated together in 1993 at Nyokuron Cultural Center under the auspices of HE. Agnes Poni Lukudu, the then Governor of Bahr Jebel State together with her cabinet.

After graduation, he was posted to work at Gusene Parish Church in Juba while I was posted to work as a Curate in Terekeka Parish in 1994.

In 1995, we were ordained together as Deacons in All Saints Cathedral together with our colleagues, by the late Archbishop Benjamin Wani Yugusuk.

Late Bishop Emmanuel Murye Modi was a man of prayer. His favorite song was: “It’s not an easy road, we are traveling to heaven……”

He was a peaceful and resilient man who did not want to indulge in worthless discussions but focuses on positive debates.

He was calm and soft when he speaks to people as well as when he preaches the word of God.

Bishop Emmamuel Murye was born on 5th December 1966 and died on 7th December 2022. He died as the active Bishop of Kajokeji Diocese while in the service of the LORD.

His presence among us his colleagues will be missed as well as his tireless services to the people in Kajokeji Diocese and the entire Episcopal Church of South Sudan. 

My sincere condolence to his beloved wife Cecilia Namuge, his children, relatives and the entire people of Kajokeji.

Bishop Emmamuel Murye has “fought a good fight, finished the race, and kept the faith”(2Timothy 4:7)

The Lord gives and takes. May his Name be praised.


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