Legislator accuses Jonglei militias against Chollo attacks

By Bida Elly David

A law maker at the transitional national legislative assembly has accused Jonglei militia group known as the white army for the on-going attacks and bloodshed in the Chollo Kingdom of Upper Nile State.

The MP alleged that the militia has destroyed all the education and medical facilities in the region making it difficult for service provision.

This statement came during a constituency representation of concerns that triggered debate and accusations among some law makers amid the tragic saga in Upper Nile region that left thousands in graves and others displaced.

Speaking during parliamentary open chance deliberation, Rebecca Joshua Okwachi, a lawmaker at the transitional national legislative assembly representing Panyikang County of Upper Nile state said that the Shilluk Kingdom was attacked by white army militias emerging from Jongei state.

She said that the militia had contributed much into passive downfall of education and medical sectors in Panyikang, Makal, Fashoda and Manyo of Upper Nile State saying that the attacks had created difficulty in the state making it difficult for learners to access schools and medical services.

She accused the Jonglei militias for having destroyed and murdered many civilians in the outskirts of the town up to the remote areas.

“Throughout August, September, October, November and December, the Chollo Kingdom has been going through attacks by the militias known as the white army coming from Jonglei State. It is very hurting to see that from Jonglei State, they cross to Upper Nile and have attacks on the four counties of Upper Nile State,’’ she said.

She stated that the militias went further attacking civilians in Panyikang and waged forceful and cruel displacement of people at Adidhiang protection of civilians’ site leaving many civilians dead and others wounded.

“In August, an attack on the civilians at Panyikang County and displaced people in Adidhiang happened resulting into death, displacement of many people as well as injuries on many civilians. All the health facilities are down and even children no longer have access to education since most schools are broken down,” he reported.

Meanwhile, Hon. Michael Roth, a lawmaker representing Yirol County of Jonglei State condemned what Okwachi said terming her to be a great liar.

He cautioned Hon. Rebecca for baselessly accusing Jonglei militias for the deadly attack saying that the on-going bloodshed and civil attacks in the Shilluk Kingdom was due the fight between Olony and Gatwech.

“I am so disgraced to see a well-respected member of parliament telling lies in the August house. The chief whip is strongly telling lies to the parliamentarians,” Roth rubbished Rebecca’s claims. Adding that those people fighting are the Kitgwang from the Shilluk Kingdom but not from Jonglei,” he said.

Roth rubbished the accusations saying that Jonglei State has got nothing to do with the Chollo Kingdom rather the hatred existed among the crooks and folks of the Upper Nile.

However, Nathaniel Oyet the first deputy speaker controlling yesterday’s sitting warned the legislators against speaking with dark emotions and urged them to speak with the aim of transforming the State from the state of tyranny and blood shed into peaceful land.

Finally, Roth was forced by the general assembly to withdraw his statement against his fellow legislator.

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