I will be quiet, let bulldozers, caterpillars speak volume

By William Madouk Garang                                    

The national Minister of Roads & Bridges, Simon Mijok Mijak said he will not talk much but allow bulldozers and caterpillars do the talking as he referred to constructing the national roads initiated by President Salva Kiir Mayardit.

Addressing a gathering during inaugural of Juba – Terekeka and ground breaking for Juba – Rumbek highway in Awerial County yesterday, minister Mijak said he will not talk much but the work along roads will speak volume for him.

“Your Excellency, with your presence I will shorten my speech because the bulldozers and caterpillars are the only [ones] talking on the road,” said Minister Mijak.

“Let me shorten my words with a military language and you are the commander in chief of organized forces… my bulldozers which I call them P-72 [assault rifles], you have seen them working on the road,” he added.

Mijak further appreciated the national army, police and the national security for guarding the construction equipment and staff, adding that roads constructions are ongoing.

“We are heading ahead to Rumbek and I assure you – your Excellency we will capture Rumbek because already this is ODM campaign which the number will be put later on,” he said.

“Rumbek has been circulated by roads to Yei, Mundari, Mvolo and the armies of roads are there, from Wau its close,” he added.

Minister of roads and Bridges described that construction of roads is ongoing in Aweil and Kuajok and they will be heading next to Raja, Maper, Mayendit and Bentiu in Unity State.

“In the eastern part, already bright star has captured Torit and Bor; your Excellency in few weeks to come you will do the same to open 200 KM road from Juba to Bor and then launch the second phase from Bor to Ayod which will be our target this season,” he continued.

Other roads will be Yei, Kaya, Morobo, and Lainya all the way to Yambio in Western Equatoria State.

“In Upper Nile the target we want to connect is Renk – Malakal, Wau – Malakal and then Pagak – Palouch this is most of the summary,” he noted.  

Mijak stated that they are struggling to connect Malakal and Bentiu plus the three administrative areas adding that with president’s support they will reach the target.

“To my people, roads are vital because it ease the movement and enable you to transport whatever goods you want to take to town. Roads will be opened and it’s already initiated – so that you can ferry fish or any other food items,” he concluded.

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