Parliament endorses bill to prohibit toxic guns

By Bida Elly David

South Sudan Transitional National Legislative Assembly in their ordinary sitting No.20/2022 has ratified and passed the joint report of the convention on the prohibition of development, production, stock piling of bacterial and toxic weapons and their destructions on human beings.

This came following thorough revision of the conventional report by the standing specialized committee on defense and veteran affairs, National Security, public order and committee of legislation and justice accompanied by recommendations and finally deliberation by the parliament.

The convention was opened for signature in 1972 and entered into force on the 26th –March-1975 in Washington, London and determined to act with the view to achieve effective progress towards general and complete disarmament including prohibition and elimination of all types of weapons of mass destructions as well as discouraged the use of chemical weapons by any Country across the world.

Chapter three of the convention stated that parties to the treaty should undertake no transfer of chemical weapons or equipment whether directly or indirectly to other states for destruction neither should any of these parties assist any Country in promoting violence and should not by any means use it against their citizens. 

Speaking to the media after the seating John Agany, the chairperson of the information committee at the R-TNA said that the law makers after observation resolved that it was crucial to adopt the recommendations from the convention as a mechanism to enhance the security of the nation and the region from proliferation of harmful weapons.

He said that the approved conventional report would enable South Sudan to benefit from external assistance in case her citizens would be exposed to dangers and other calamities.

Agany said that it was crucial for South Sudan to be set free from hazardous and dangerous weapons especially those that can easily explode after being kept in the warehouses for long.

“The parliament has ratified the presented report by the specialized committees of defense and veteran affairs; legislation and justice on the convention of the prohibition of the development, production and stock filing of the bacterial and toxic weapons in their destruction on human beings,” he said.

“So, the nation could not have reservation on it because it has to be passed and ratified in totality which the national legislative assembly has ratified and passed to the President for final approval,” he added.  

Agany said that the parliament ratified the conventional recommendations for immediate execution as soon as the presidency approves for the purpose of safeguarding the national security with its citizens.

The assembly spokesperson further pointed out that the parliament also ratified and approved the national prison act and referred it for final rectification by the presidency.

“Because of the importance of this bill, all the honorable members participated making their observations and recommendations and the bill has already been passed into the final stage and it will make its way to the President for signing,” he said.  

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