We will not stop collecting taxes despite criticisms

By Bida Elly David

The mayor of Juba City has rubbished the demand of foreign and domestic traders calling the government to restrict collection of taxes by the national institution saying that Juba city will not stop collecting tariffs from enterprises.

The City mayor said those following complaints from traders concerning collection of taxes by different tax institutions are creating predicaments into their business.

Last week, heads of business institutions have demanded the government to set up one tax institution that would be responsible in gathering levies as income to the government treasuries since traders have been battling multiple levies driven from various institutions including the National Revenue Authority (NRA).

The business heads slammed the government saying that the tax policy have not been in correlation with the existing enterprises across the Country since some traders purchase goods at the global market with high prices.

In response to the call, Michael Lado Allah-Jabu the mayor of Juba City Council criticized the idea of the business unit warning them to distant themselves off from the affairs of the government and their policies.

He pointed out that the business entity was only responsible in undertaking affairs concerning international and national trade in protection of business but not taxes being levied.

“Those who complain about random collection of taxes and setting of one tax unit do not have voices and mandate in the affairs of the government,” he said.

“City Council operates under the local government act that gives them powers to generate income through taxes in order to maintain the city through construction of roads. We will not stop collecting taxes and we will ensure that new roads are paved and the city looks good,” he continued.

Mayor Allah-Jabu further underscored that Juba City Council has revenue department that is concerned with generation of financial resources aimed at executing projects for the establishment of roads and provision of other services to the citizens and the city.

Nevertheless, the mayor also stated that city Council would soon carryout business to business inspection to ensure that all businesses are well set based on the policy of the city council to avoid punitive measures.

“Every Country has got its own tax policies. We have taxes levied by the national government, State government and the local government where city council belongs. As long as the policies mandate institutions on monetary and fiscal policy, all trading must abide by the initiative no matter how disturbing they might be,” he said.

At the same note, he called on the business community leadership and the traders not to misinterpret him but rather join hands with the government towards development for the city to become a sustainable environment for business and profit making.

He said that his leadership was ready to collaborate with them in either way to boost commercial services in the city aimed at improving the living standard of the residents,” he said.

The City mayor finally called on foreign traders to induct local traders with entrepreneurial skills that would enhance their efforts towards promoting domestic industries.

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