Gen. Mamur cautions army over dirty politics

By Philip Buda Ladu

The Minister of National Security, Gen. Obuto Mamur Mete has cautioned the army of political indulgence urging them to shun dirty politics and embrace the spirit of nationalism.

He made the statement while speaking during the closure of the 8th Command Council Conference of the South Sudan People’s Defense Forces (SSPDF) at the military headquarters in Bilpam yesterday.

President Salva Kiir Mayardit yesterday closed the 8th Command Council Conference of the SSPDF held under the theme, SSPDF building trust, understanding and implementing the transitional Security Arrangement, emphasizing his message of no return to war.

The Command Council deliberated on the progress of the implementation of the security arrangement, according to statement from the Office of the president.

While delivering his remarks yesterday, Minister Mamur urged the organized forces to desist from the culture of indulging into dirty politics and stay loyal to their professional conduct as national army.

“You are not an army of individuals; you are an army of the Republic of South Sudan and a symbol of our flag,” he told the conference attendees”.  And adding that as an army, “we need your protection to defend our sovereign territory, and to protect our President and the people of South Sudan,” Mamur noted.

While President Kiir in his keynote address at the closure of the command council conference, urged the organized forces to execute their orders to attract encouragement of positive international investment into the country.

“Let us all avoid going back to war, we are citizens of this country, all of us have a right to live, so let us avoid senseless war,” the head of state lamented.

Kiir warned the organized forces to desist from spirit of heading back to war.

“You must stop war since war is destructive but peace brings foreign investors to invest in the country,” he underscored.

The President emphasized that war and conflict must be avoided, stressing that fighting one another is meaningless and will halt any chances of development and disrupt the progress that they have made as a nation.

The President said now is the high time the country thinks of development saying “We need development, we need schools, hospitals and roads.”

Kiir however reiterated his appeal to the holdout groups who took up arms against the government calling on them to come back and dialogue with the Government to resolve their grievances.

“To some of our brothers who are still in the bush, come back home and join the Government so that we can bring a sustainable peace in our country,” he said. “I urge you to put down your guns and resume dialogue on peace” he extended his olive branch to the opposition movement still at large.

The President reminded the attendees that the agreement on the extension of the peace Roadmap for an additional 24 months was reached so that they can accomplish the outstanding tasks in the implementation of the peace agreement.

President Kiir finally promised to review the resolutions and recommendations made by the command council before approval and consideration.

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