State Legislator slams Dr. Machar over lack of confidence

By Bida Elly David 

A state legislator from Warap legislative Assembly has slammed the former Deputy Chairperson of the SPLM party Dr. Riek Machar and his team against lack of confidence and denial to withdraw from the SPLM party following his/their removal by the party assembly.

Recently, the SPLM National Liberation Council declared removal of the First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar Teny from being the deputy chairperson and a member of the Sudan People’s Liberation movement (SPLM) after giving rise to his own party baptizing it in the name of SPLM-IO where he has been taking the lead as the head.

Speaking to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper yesterday, James Machok, a member of Warrap State legislative assembly said Dr. Riek and his team should desist from claiming to be part of the SPLM Party after their removal following the recent party reorganization.

He said that no body forced Machar and his subordinates to form his own political party to break-away from the Sudan people’s Liberation Movement (SPLA); terming it to be a political contradiction of the highest order.

“As the former deputy chairperson of the SPLM party, Dr. Riek Machar should stop claiming he and his followers are part of the SPLM. When he opted to fall away from the SPLM after forming his own political party, it was a clear indication that he would lead and will no longer be part and partial of the SPLM. SPLM within its structures does not need him anymore,” he said.

James further said that Dr. Machar being the chairperson of his own political party should get committed into the affairs of his party rather than creating confusion and contradiction that would not gain him anything at the end of the day.

He further termed Machar’s initiatives as a move of no confidence in himself to deliver, render and execute his political knowledge to meet his objectives.

“Machar must give us a separate chance as a political party to run our own affairs without his intervention as a head of a different political party. If we decide to restructure our party, it is our own privilege and responsibility to undertake our initiatives,” he said.

“I think Machar does not have confidence in himself and his newly formed political party. If he has confidence, then he has to continue with his party and his affairs,” he added.

In continuation, James suggested dissolution of the SPLM-IO political party incase Riek wants to retain his fate in the SPLA being the mother party of all.

“If he wants to continue being part of the SPLM, then he has to dissolve SPLM-IO and come back and I think we will be very ready as usual in SPLM to compromise with him. There are number of things he did and the party compromised him. The position of the deputy chair will be renegotiated,” he continued.

The State MP slammed Machar for having conflicting loyalties to serve in two different political parties which impose political contradiction to the citizens and the globe at large.

Efforts to reach the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement for clarification on the charge were not successful.

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