CEPO upbeat on the outcome of the US-Africa Summit

By Mary Poni

The US government has ended the US-Africa summit with a commitment of about 55 billion US dollars in investment projects in Africa. The money is planned to be utilized in the next three years.

Reacting to the announcement, the Executive Director for Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO), Edmund Yakani said the US-African Summit is a welcomed initiative – terming it as a useful platform for the US and African governments.

“The summit has created a useful platform where the US and African governments including the civil society can dialogue on issues of mutual interest in service of their governments,” he explained.

He further enlightened that the summit came up with partnership priorities centered on economic engagements between Africa and US, strengthening people to people ties.

He said the leadership of President Biden will establish a new diaspora council as well as investing in to the YALI Program.

“The other priority at the summit is ensuring more inclusive and responsive global institutions between African Union and US government,” he said.

“The global institutions included in the priorities of engagement, fostering new technology and innovation, strengthening health systems and prepare for the next pandemic, food security and climate crisis, supporting democracy and human rights, and advancing peace and security,” he further elucidated.

The partnership agreement was reached through direct participation by President Biden and the leader of African Union who is the siting president of Senegal, and the chairperson of the African Commission, Musa Faki.

During his closing remarks, US President Joe Biden promised to visit Africa next year 2023.

 “I hope that he will reach to South Sudan. It is my prayer,” said Yakani yearned.

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