FIFA to award licenses to SSFA international referees

By Bida Elly David

The Chairperson of South Sudan Football Association has said the Federation for International Football Association (FIFA) plans to award eleven (11) International South Sudanese referees with licenses following efforts invested through good performance.

This move came following recognition of five center referees and six assistants by FIFA international referees’ department on Wednesday this week.

South Sudan under-17 male team recently made a positive move to qualify for the African Cup of nations following positive performances against their group opponents during the tournament.

This success was enhanced by leadership of South Sudan Football Association (SSFA) in conjunction with the national ministry of Youth.

Now South Sudan excellent performance has opened another door for the Country’s international referees to undertake a global license for officiating tournaments at the international arena.

In a statement seen by No.1Citizen Daily Newspaper yesterday, Augustino Maduot the chairperson of South Sudan Football Association congratulated SSFA South Sudan International Referees for having won the trust of the Federation of International Football Association for the award.

He said that the success of the referee department was a clear indication of work progress towards shaping the football activities in the Country.

The SSFA chairperson advised the South Sudanese international referees to continue working hard to improve their fitness and intelligence through regular trainings.

He called on the government to encourage the positive developments through support to the national football governing body.

“The government has to seriously support the activities of the country’s football Association in order to pave ways for international recognition,” he said.

“Investing in the Country’s sports activities is one of the ways to ensure indirect development and economic progress as well as creating a positive atmosphere for political intimacy with other countries,” he further explained.

He notes that there are a lot of things to be initiated in order to improve sports in the Country saying that investing in football means investing for the nation and the future generation.

Augustino also called on the citizens to avoid the tendency of laziness and conflict but rather focusing on activities that would progress the economy and the society.

“The young generation needs to desist from laziness. They should however also be supported in their sports dreams in order to keep them away from detrimental actions that would put their lives and that of the nation in jeopardy,” he concluded.

Augustino assured his leadership optimism towards driving the Country’s sports department into continuous victory.

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