National Security trashes Sentry report against misconducts

By Bida Elly David

The National Security Service (NSS) rubbished accusations labelled at them by the Sentry Report on the undercover activities inside the national institution – calling it false and inaccurate.

Speaking to the media yesterday, David John Kumuri, the Director for public relation at the National Security Service said that the report was baseless and filed to spoil the positive reputation of the national security.

“The NSS rejects the allegations contained in the Sentry Report, “Undercover activities inside the National Security profitable playbook published December 2022”. No advanced copy was provided by the Sentry to the National Security Service (NSS) or to the individuals named in the report to enable correction of facts and information before its publication” he said.

He termed the report as a passive political philosophy of no facts and evidence.

David maintained that the work of the country’s security as mandated by the powers granted to the entity, is protecting the dignity and the affairs of the nation to save the nation from external threats as opposed to the report.

He slammed the Sentry for having relied on third party sources and improper decision in publishing information without verification and consultations.

“The report makes false and inaccurate allegations against individuals and the work of NSS. It relied on third party sources for its information. And the allegations it makes have not been independently verified by its authors” he recapped.

The director added that the report never considered the recent reforms within the National Security Service and the legal proceedings the service had initiated against individuals who allegedly committed crimes or disciplinary breaches.

He called the report a ploy on campaigning against peace in the troubled country.

“The report is part of a wider ongoing campaign by the Sentry and its backers who seek to undermine the peace and security of the Republic of South Sudan” he stated.

Early this month, a Sentry report released had accused the NSS against numerous undercover activities trending in their profitable playbook.

The Sentry report revealed that the entity has been involved in multiple impartial practices in dictation to the interest of the public. It accused number of individual officers in the body for being involved in a series of malpractices and other acts that don’t correlate with the National Security Act.

David finally, disclosed that the national security will soon issue a comprehensive response in regards to the accusations with facts.

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