Juba residents alarmed as insecurity rise amid festivity preparation

By Bida Elly David

Citizens in Juba express concerns as insecurity increases. There are numerous robberies and killings by unidentified organized group of gunmen in the suburbs.

Speaking to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper yesterday, John Andiro, a resident of Hai Lokwilili said that two young boys inhabiting at the area were shot dead in the interval of only two days.

He said that one of the motorists was his late brother. He said the deceased was killed next to a military sector located at block 4 of Gudele one neighborhood.

“My brother was hired by a man who claimed to have been a customer demanding a lift to Gudele block 4. After having ridden a few distance, he was shot dead and his bike was taken by a man who staged near the sector. The security personnel were watching the scene without taking any action until the crook departed with the bike. What an evil government?” he begrudged.

Recently, over four motorists were reportedly killed by unidentified crooks who allegedly hired them for riding trips to their destinations. The continuous day and night attacks left many citizens in panic as majority of them have been facing road robbery from criminals on their way to and from work.

John demands that the forces deployed in the area should immediately be relocated with immediate effect.

Following John’s brother ordeal, another young man in the same area was also shot dead around 7:00 Am near seventh day Adventist church by a well -dressed man who also claimed to have been a customer.

On her part, Joy Yawa a resident of Lemon Gaba blamed the authorities especially the police for having claimed to be protecting the citizens with zero security- saying that they have failed to do their job.

“People are being attacked and the police fail to respond. Our boys face daylight robbery in front of the security sectors yet they couldn’t rescue. What kind of government do we have in this country. They have to think of us especially during the Christmas season where there will be many criminal activities in the Country,” she reasoned.

Random gunshots are heard every night in almost all of the areas in Juba.

The police had Sunday called on the residents to be vigilant in their daily businesses and report back home early. He also revealed the hotspots of the motorbike robbery and tactics. Grab a copy of our Monday issue for more details on the police spokesperson’s advices.

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