This country belongs to humans, not cattle

By Mary Poni

The Commissioner of Juba County, Charles Joseph Wani has poured out his frustration over the unrest caused by cattle keepers in Central Equatoria State saying that this country belongs to human beings but not cattle.

He was reacting to the latest incident of attack involving suspected cattle raiders in Mangala payam that left scores dead and others injured last week.

Commissioner Joseph told the leaders in South Sudan that this country is not for tribalism or cattle but for human beings which accommodate all kinds of people.

The Juba County Commissioner spoke during the inspection of the ongoing construction of the County headquarters yesterday (Monday).

He condemned all the cattle-related atrocities happening in Mangala Payam in the strongest terms possible and wished that all levels of governments can intervene for the stoppage of the cattle herders’ atrocities in the country.

“It is really punishing and killing the innocent civilians of our beloved country South Sudan and Juba County in particular” he stated.

Joseph spit all his bitter words of disappointment with openness and confidence saying that this matter has reached to the top leadership, no longer the level of chiefs adding that whoever is in the move of violence are the people working against the government.

“Whenever the government and the national security officials are killed immediately it becomes a crime against the state and must be taken seriously so that we can protect this country,” he said.

“We are here in Construction while others are suffering under the sun without food, Shelter, Water, mosquito nets and many others yet these are the citizens of this nation in particular Juba County” he cited.

The commissioner said the victims of the cattle herders’ atrocities are being forced into unforeseen circumstances and the leaders at the state and national government seem to accept these.

“We are really not happy of what is taking place and I’m sure all of us are not happy and we condemn it” he stressed.

Joseph described the perpetrators and such violence as the enemies of peace, anti-progress, and development.

“They want us to be on the same status whenever good things happened, they will always try to create other things so that instability remained and it is always a challenge to portray the image of the government as if it is not working” he underlined.

“Our president has developmental ideas such as roads, bridges and other big projects but some people are mobilizing themselves to cause insecurity and other things” he noted.

Joseph pointed out that instead, the money which is meant for development got diverted to those senseless issues in the country adding that sometimes the government personnel are threatened by the cattle herders.

“Is that a cattle issue or politics has entered? He questioned, saying that “otherwise there is no reason for killing ourselves”.

“I commissioner will not accept this and these issues should be taken note of just incase an enemy is in your compound threatening you, is either he is the owner of the house or you who is threatened is the owner” he noted.

He said it is not right to have laws and someone works against them without sentence or punishment being enforced.

He urged President to take a look at the cattle herders very well because they are his enemies and of the civilians.

“It is not about the cattle only but about the government such that security will not be well and blames would be put on him, people are killed, farms are destroyed because of cattle” he said.

“Are those people (herders) the one leading this country or us the government? And where are the cattle herders getting those guns for killing the innocent civilians?” Joseph queried.

“Is either this country belongs to cattle or government” he stressed.

The commissioner was speaking with boldness, saying that he doesn’t care because those suffering are his civilians.

“I am not working here to protect my position; leadership is from God and God knows why he brought me here at this difficult situation and I have no fear at all because is only God who will say his term is over” he echoed.

Joseph added that he is not in that position serving for South Sudan opposition Alliance (SSOA) members but he is there to deliver services to any human kind.

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