Adil entreats MPs to persuade holdout groups to peace

By William Madouk Garang

The governor of Central Equatoria State appeals to the lawmakers at state legislative assembly to engage with holdout groups in their areas during the recess and persuade them to join peace.

Speaking on behalf of the Governor of Central Equatoria State to MPs during the announcement of recess, CES Speaker, Peter Wani Kulang said Governor Emmanuel Adil Anthony said he pardoned holdout sons and daughters of the state and welcomes them to join the track of peace.

“The Governor of the state has granted amnesty to the holdout sons and daughters of Central Equatoria State who wish to join the path of peace without hindrance,” Kulang said on behalf of governor.

“As such he urged the Hon. Members to freely engage with the holdout groups in their various constituencies,” he continued.

According to him, Governor Adil also directed the lawmakers to disseminate message of peace and reconciliation in their various constituencies.

“The governor directs us to encourage our people to coexist with their neighbors for better peace sustainability,” he added.

He added Adil further more encouraged MPs to embark on education awareness campaign to the masses in order to eradicate the high rate of illiteracy in the state. He also tasked legislators to reach out to the refugee camps to preach and engage the people on voluntary return to their places of origin.

The Governor advised the members of parliament to use their parties for unity of the people and development instead of creating disunity among the public.

The Speaker on his part lauded and highlighted the oversight role the state parliament played including enactment and passing of the critical bills such as state budget for fiscal year 2022/2023.

“As you will be for recess, I urge you to work as a team. Through which all will contribute to achieve better results during your recess period,” he said.

“Hon. Members wherever you will be, disseminate the peace agreement and the recently signed roadmap by the parties to the agreement on the extension,” he advised.

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