Activist scorn women over abortion

By Bida Elly David

GBV expert and activist condemns cases of abortion committed by women and young girls in the suburbs of Juba.

 Drabuga Dorothy, the Executive Director for Women Foundation for Humanity (WFH) said that abortion is becoming rampant in the city due to unwanted pregnancies caused by widespread financial struggle.

According to her, women going into sexual relationship for financial gains as opposed to love and affection on the rise; leading to cases of unwanted pregnancy, especially if the woman’s partner denies responsibility or dumps her.

“Women, especially young girls often end up aborting their babies after being abandoned by their lovers or sexual partners. What I know is that these women go in to the undesirable relationship because of money. This biting economic situation is making girls to make poor decisions,” she explains while speaking to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper yesterday.

The reasoning behind the rampant abortion cases however did not deter the activist from condemning the act. She said abortion is a criminal offense which is punishable by law.

Drabuga advised women and girls to live a dignified life by studying and working hard to earn a decent living, however tough things are.

“Just like the men, women can also earn and be financially independent of anyone. Why would we make a poor decision to go into relationship with a man just because he gives you money?” she questioned.

“To me, it is better to suffer in dignity than to risk unwanted pregnancy which later culminated into resorting for abortion,” she continued.

Dorothy also blamed men for having used their financial powers to fulfil their sexual desires which leads to pregnancies they later deny to be responsible for.

“Some men are not responsible. How can you make some one’s daughter pregnant and deny after all promises. I totally disagree with the tendency of men using women as sexual objects. They should refrain from such acts because it portrays a bad image,” she stressed.

Drabuga further condemned cultural norms that exempt women from ownership of property and making family decisions over matters of concerns.

“Women have rights in the areas of owning resources and management of assets. “The culture of depriving them is not genuine. They are humans who have potentials to make decisions rather than used as objects to produce kids to the family,” the gender expert challenged.

She also urged the government, especially the Ministry of Gender, Child, and Social Affairs to seriously take actions against unfaithful men and women who abort.

Drabuga also called on gender-based organizations and the government to initiate awareness programs to educate women on the impacts of abortion and relationship management.

Cases of abortion is common in the suburbs of Juba. Oftentimes, they are kept secret and not reported due to the implications it will cause to the persons and families involved in it.

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