Joint operations deployed for civil protection amid festivity

By Bida Elly David

The national police spokesperson has underscored that the police in conjunction with other security segments has already deployed not less than three thousand security forces to mitigate criminal activities to ensure safety of the citizens amid Christmas feast in Juba.

This development came following concerns from citizens regarding the trending pockets of insecurity characterized by night and broad daylight robberies in Juba that left residents in total panic.

Speaking to the media this week, Brig. Daniel Justin the national police spokesperson has warned police officers tasked to undertake duty amid the festive season against consumption of alcohol and other drugs urging them to use ethics to execute their duties for the safety of the residents.

Daniel said that the security team tasked to maintain law and order during the Christmas period would be subordinated by other forces   such as the South Sudan’s people’s defense forces from the tiger segment and the national security division to form a joint operation that would carry comprehensive security mandate in Juba.

He said that the joint security operation comprised of competent and ethical officers who will undertake day and night duties in protection of the civilians in the due course of Christmas celebration.

Daniel further reiterated that the ministry of interior will impose a security initiative to ensure restriction of tinted car that will be roaming in the city for security purposes.

He echoed that the security forces have already been deployed to all the sectors in all the zones across the City saying that citizens who shall face security threats should immediately rush for recue before escalation.

Police spokesperson revealed that deployment of the security officers was done based on targeted scopes such as high ways annexing states, areas, markets business centers among others.

He called on the area leadership to collaborate with the security forces amid uncertainties that would arise at any interval of time.

“We have already deployed 3,000 security forces to all sectors. From there, they will be deployed to all the areas to ensure that security is prevailed. We have targeted Juba to Nimule, Bor, Wau, Yei and Maridi highways for complete protection, market places and other business centers” he said

Maj. Gen. Daniel pointed out that affirmative security would only be maintained if residents collaborate with the forces deployed calling them to be cautious on unnecessary movement.

“The security forces were also ordered to restrict acceleration of tinted cars, vehicles with blank plates and take security procedures against anyone found in such practice during the festive days” he noted. “We want our citizens to be safe from threats therefore we have the right to protect them without favor,’’ he said

In the recent days, the security situation in Juba was at the point of jeopardy as citizens complained of night robberies and killings initiated by unknown bandits in the city.

The unrest caused by the criminals has planted complete disorder and fear among people since majority could not freely move to exercise their commercial duties in the city.

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