South Sudan war is a fight for wealth: Bishop Ameyu

By Bida Elly David

The metropolitan Archbishop of the Catholic Archdiocese of Juba yesterday said that the on-going conflict in South Sudan has been in existence due to greed for wealth as opposed to political disagreements.

While passing his Christmas message to the faithful and political leaders in a media conference yesterday, archbishop Stephen Martin Ameyu urged leaders and the citizens to change their ways and embark on forgiveness.

Ameyu, the head of the Catholic metropolitan zone in the country said that religious leaders across the Country have made efforts to communicate transformational messages to the Country’s leadership but nothing has materialized.

“Our war was not seriously political but it is a scramble for wealth. It is just that some people left out in enjoying the riches,” he said.

If the leadership genuinely care for the people, they really have to compromise. And the compromise has to be a radical one, so that peace prevails for the benefit of the common people. When there is no violence, it is a sign that God is working his own ways to our hearts,” he added.

The cleric also raised concerns over the continuous attacks against humanitarian workers in the conflict affected areas depriving vulnerable people from getting access to humanitarian assistance.

Archbishop Ameyu further condemned the on-going deadly conflict in Upper Nile, Mangalla and some parts of the Country while the leadership couldn’t respond to quickly rescue the situation.

“Today if you see our people who are dispersed in Malakal and many other places, and no one is taking care of them, it is because our humanity has not been restored into its original status. The staff of NGO’s that come all the way from Europe to help us are killed but they continue to stay and help. This extraordinary courage is not of human willpower but God gave them,” cleric elucidates.

Moreover, Bishop called on all the Christians including the policy makers to imitate John the Baptist who paved the way for the coming of the Lord Jesus into the universe.

He said that Christians should exercise the values of forgiveness and reconciliation to enable them live in harmony as the Lord will be born in this festivity.

“We can only see God when we are converted to him from our sinful ways and life. That becomes the beginning of our hope” he said.

“Christmas is the time when God invests and renews us as well as keeps faith in us. And he wants us to keep faith in ourselves so that we never give up” he said.

Ameyu also advocated for repentance and forgiveness as the pope shall be in the Country for his ecumenical visit.

He finally poured his blessings to all Christians and none-Christians across the Country and in diaspora urging them to enjoy the Christmas with love and care.

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