Cabinet approves skills development policy

By William Madouk Garang

The Council of Ministers on Friday approved the vocational training and skills development policy that will assist in training unskilled labour force to ensure the progressive growth of the workforce in the country.

This is after the national minister of Labor James Hoth Mai presented the skills development policy before the last council of ministers for 2022 chaired by President Salva Kiir Mayardit.

Addressing the journalist after Friday cabinet meeting, the minister of Information and government spokesperson, Micheal Makuei said after listening to presentation, cabinet approved the policy.  

“We listened to the minister of labor, James Hoth Mai presentation on the Vocational Training and skill development policy” Makuei said.

 “This policy was approved and passed” he added.

Makuei stated that local market lack skilled workers as such the policy was developed to actualize the necessity of training through vocational and technical schools.

“Our market is lacking skilled labor and as such they had to prepare this policy so that they can streamline the training and development of the skilsl. This was a policy developed by minister Hoth so that we can come out or train necessary skilled labour” he said.

According Minister Makuei the policy will be applicable to both the public and private sectors.

On August 2022, Minister of Labor Mai said that peace agreement anchored on the need to develop work skills to ensure workforce development.

‘‘We have several vocational and technical training centers, and we encourage all those who wish to study to acquire new skills and abilities to work” he said.

The minister was addressing an event known as “Jobs and Opportunities Fair 2022’’ organized by the Office of the Vice President, Gender and Youth Cluster, and UNDP at the Multi-Service Training Centre in Juba.

More than 600 companies in the private and public sectors provided about 1,000 jobs for the country’s youth in various fields. And more than 200 youth received various training skills.

Hoth Mai said the vocational and technical training centers under the supervision of the ministry are attended by about 2,000 students.

He called on the government and NGOs to help maintain some institutes for progress.

“I came from Wau, headquarters of the Western Bahr al-Ghazal State, a few days ago and found one of the best vocational centers, but it needs maintenance. We also want to build other training centers in the three administrative areas” he earlier said.

“All the work that the government is doing now will build the middle class for the citizens in 10 years, and that class will be between the rich and the poor” he added.

Mai said that the country does not have a middle class because politicians struggle among themselves and jump to the positions they want.

“We have a construction program for this center and it has not ended, so we appeal to your honor to help complete this work. You promised some of my colleagues previously to provide assistance to complete this work, so I hope to be done soon” he added.

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