Activist slams national leadership over Pibor killings

By Bida Elly David

A civil Society activist has slammed the national government leadership over their reluctance to proactively respond to the current conflict in Greater Pibor Administrative Area saying that their silence without action would continue to escalate the violence further if not well addressed.

In a statement extended to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper yesterday, Edmund Yakani, the executive director of the Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) said that the violence going on in greater Pibor launched by the armed youth from Jonglei constituted a crime against humanity.

“These armed youth have attacked Gumuruk town and we are worried that in the act of over running the town, they are committing a gross human right violation against the civilian population. So protection of civilians in greater Pibor area has become a problem,” he said.

Yakani said that massive killings happening in Pibor was a clear genocide happening in the eyes of the national leaders who know that tragedy is on-going without action being taken into consideration to rescue the innocent souls from the bandage.

“A real genocide is happening in the eyes of our leaders and no quick response as protection of civilians is concerned. The same situation we have witnessed in Upper Nile when it was going against the Shilluk population especially Fashoda, Fangak. The same situation is now happening in greater Pibor Administrative area,” the activist cited.

Yakani stressed that the political leadership should demonstrate political will to ensure that the on-going massacre of civil population driven from ethnic and political conflicts are immediately mitigated without delay and the perpetrators must be brought to books.

“My appeal to the political leadership is that time has come for them to demonstrate their political will with regards to performed constitutional responsibility on the protection of civilians in the Country especially greater Pibor and the Upper Nile,” he said. Adding “It is true that genocide is happening in the watch of our leaders but nothing has been peacefully demonstrated to end the saga,” he said.

The CEPO’s executive director finally called on the armed youth to cease hostilities and embark on peaceful dialogue to resolve their differences and grievances without carrying arms against one another.

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