Communication authority vows to reduce communication costs

By Bida Elly David

National Communication Authority has made a positive move to rescue the country from high communication costs by connecting well advanced fibre optic cables from Ethiopia for affirmative improvement.

This development was revealed last week following the authority’s plans to improve the country’s communication network that had remained stagnant and weak for quite sometimes now.

Speaking to the media recently, Napoleon Adok, the director general of the National Communication Authority revealed that the extension of the fiber optic would save the country from battling communication problems through improved network system.

He said that the use of satellite for transmitting information has been one of the factors hindering communication network in South Sudan since it composed of high tariffs and costs making the companies in charge to over impose tariff.

Napoleon said that fibre optic is an easiest channel for improving communication at a cheaper rate since it is faster and easy to afford.

Furthermore, he underscored that the authority has laid a strategy to pen a deal with the Ethiopian company for the extension of the cable meant to improve the communication network.

“Our plan is to ensure that our neighbours are invited to help improve our communication capacity and reduce its cost to a certain level through the fibre optic. Our Ethiopian brothers will be here to explore the possibility of the market in South Sudan and see where and how to improve our communication system and plant affordable network in the country” he said.

Citizens of recent have raised alarms over the consecutive increment on communication high tariffs by private telecommunication companies. There were three segments of communication tariffs that were imposed on communication units by the two leading communication networks across the country.

The three times shooting up of the levies made some business enterprises to close down amid the cost of communication per units.

However, Napoleon said that all the impeding communication barriers would soon be resolved to mitigate uncertain increased charges.

Recently, Napoleon reiterated that South Sudan had laid a plan to extend communication network to the democratic republic of Congo and the Central African Republic after getting connected to the fiber optic cables.

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