Police registers zero crimes during Christmas

By Bida Elly David

The national police spokesperson said the authority has registered zero cases of death and crimes during the festive season despite accidents that left number of motorists injured in the city.

Speaking to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper on the Christmas aftermath, police spokesperson Maj. Gen. Daniel said that they had noticed continuous over-speeding by motorists and drivers in the city that would at any time result to severe injuries if not well handled.

Daniel reiterated that, Juba has over the festive season experienced little security threats from the hands of niggers who reportedly waged attempts on night attacks against civilians on highways and in the areas but the forces intervened to mitigate the situation.

He said that unreported crimes in most parts surrounding Juba have never been yet submitted to the police authority for security analysis and investigation.

However, three days ago, two motorists in Gudele were shot dead by unknown gun men leaving majority of Juba residents in total panic and fear as the deceased could not be rescued by the security personnel based next to the scene of the incidents.

Despite the fact that severe tragedies transpired at Gudele, police spokesperson reported that the security situation was normal and calm in the city and hoped for positive security over December exit.

“The security situation in Juba has been normal since our forces were deployed. We have registered no cases of serious death but we have minor boda-boda injuries that were resolved at primary stages. Our focus is to ensure that these gang of boys threatening the city are arrested and disciplined to ensure peace among people,” he said.

Moreover, Maj. Gen. Daniel Justin said that the joint operation has been alert during night and day inspection and shall not spare any party that will be a threat to the citizens and the authority.

He promised that the current security will not be down folded the way it happened in the past.

“We know that our job is to ensure safety to our citizens but I want to assure the public that our forces are operating day and night without any compromise to any party. Our role is to plant peace for our people in all areas and across the nation,” he said.

The police however warned all citizens to be cautious during their movements despite the efforts they invest to protect the nation from uncertain crooks and crimes in the city.

“I want to assure our public to ensure that unnecessary movement is prohibited. We need to be serious of our lives despite the security protection we provide. Anyone who identifies any incident should report to the nearest police station. We have no any report on the death of motorists apart from what we registered before the festive season,” Maj. Gen. Daniel Justin noted.

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