Adil orders the relief commission to mobilize aid for Mangala IDPs

By Bida Elly David

The governor of Central Equatoria State has directed the State’s relief and rehabilitation commission to speedily mobilize humanitarian assistance to support the affected population in Mangala Payam.

The governor said this following a meeting with Mangala elders who presented a report on the difficulties the inhabitants are going through following the attacks on them by cattle herders weeks ago.

The delegation of the Mangala Payam elders was headed by the area chief, Mr. Dominic Lodu Joseph in subordination with sub-chiefs.

Speaking during the meeting with Mangala elders, Adil strongly warned perpetrators of the bloodshed to immediately cease attacks against innocent civilians and respect the laws and orders.

He demonstrated his sympathy to the family of the deceased and promised to bring calm to the County through peaceful dialogue between the cattle herders and the host community.

Adil said that the clashes between Bor herders and the community of Mangala have imposed total unrest on the inhabitants as the majority lost their properties and others were displaced to seek for peaceful places.

 “My heartfelt Condolence to the families that lost their beloved ones during the Mangala Conflict. I am reassuring you the elders that we are making sustained efforts towards defusing the current confrontations between the two communities to salvage the suffering of the innocent civilians in Mangala Payam and ensure that the affected citizens receive relief to support them” he said

On his part, Chief Dominic Lodu, concerned head chief of Mangala angrily underscored that the displaced citizens are currently murmuring at the coast of the Nile with various medical conditions and starvation.

Chief Joseph also appealed for immediate humanitarian support to the locals and called for amicable solutions to the predominantly existing cattle issues instigating communities into clashes.

He said that delays to resolve the ongoing saga will escalate the violence to a secondary stage where many souls will depart.

This week, many citizens from the states have criticized the state and the national government for having failed to put to their attention the current blood-shed in Mangala.

One of the unanimous sources from Mangala Payam presented dismay as governor Adil and president Kiir failed to issue statements condemning the tragedies in Mangala from the first day of its occurrence.

“We are expecting condemnation letters and actions taken by the national and the state’s leadership but nothing has been done and our people continued suffering without assistance. We are led by an unserious government” he said

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