South Sudan among shame list of United Nations: Angelina Teny

By Bida Elly David

The Minister of Defense and Veterans Affairs, Angelina Teny revealed that South Sudan is one of the Countries registered in the shame list of the United Nations.

She said South Sudan is included in the list due to the bad reputation it generated through the successive conflict that ravaged the young nation not long after independence in 2011.

She was speaking during the graduation of South Sudan peacekeeping forces set to be deployed to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Defense minister, Angelina Teny, underscored that South Sudan’s image has been tarnished due to the civil wars and subnational violence that has ravaged the young East African nation.

“We are among the shame list with the secretary general of the United Nations. However, positive transformation can be removed. This is a great chance for us as a Country to be removed from among the blacklisted countries with negative reputations,” she said while addressing the forces.

“This will happen if we invest much of our efforts towards hard work to bring peace among ourselves and our neighbouring countries,” Angelina said while addressing a parade of SSPDF battalion set for DRC as part of the EAC regional force to fight rebels in DRC,” she stated.

She reiterated the need for the national army to abide by international laws to enable them to perform their foreign duties based on global guidelines.

“We need you to get acquainted with international laws as set by guidelines that will regulate your actions while you will be exercising your peacekeeping mission in Congo,” she said.

“Use the laws on human protection to protect the image of South Sudan so that we are saved from blame,” the defense minister added.

Angelina further pointed out that the good work of the SSPDF in Congo would determine the possibility of South Sudan gaining the trust of countries that were skeptical of their performance.

She said that national dignity and integrity are always measured through self-discipline and the potential of the national army tasked to serve the nation from external threats.

The minister called on the SSPDF soldiers to immediately correct their weaknesses, identify their strengths and finally make personnel evaluations for the future.

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