Massive displacement as fighting continues in Pibor

By Mary Poni

The Minster of Information in Greater Pibor Administrative Area (GPAA), Abraham Kelang, said the conflict in Pibor continue to rage on as armed youth allegedly from Nuer and youth from Duk County of Jonglei continue to attack civilians.

Speaking to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper on phone yesterday, Abraham Kelang, the Minister of Information in GPAA said the fighting that was initially launched by the white army and armed youth group from Jonglei has now extended to Lothila Payam on Thursday.

“We are still undergoing attack by armed youth from Jonglei State who entered our territory early this week. Clashes are currently ongoing in Lothila, Loden, (Manyabol) Payam of Gumuruk County in Greater Nanaam,” he said.

“The fighting was in Gumuruk County though not in town, but t it is now in Lothila Payam from two locations. 37,715 houses have been burned down. 42,440 persons, including women and children have been displaced in Lothila Payam due to the heavy fight waged by armed youth from the Nuer tribe and Dinka from Duk,” he alleged.

“Up to now, there are no details of those killed because clashes are still ongoing,” Kelang further said.

The information minister appealed to the youth fighting to stop the conflict – describing it as not a solution to solving problems, but to rather work for peaceful solution.

“Those who are mobilizing the armed youth for attacks should stop it. They should instead create a room for peace deals with the two states youth. Fighting is not a solution to solve problems,” he maintained.

Minister Abraham said South Sudanese youths should be encouraged in areas of education and other businesses skills but not in killing each other like in other counties.

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