Party leader wants Angelina summoned over SSPDF Congo mission

By Mary Poni

The People’s Progressive Party of South Sudan (PPP-SSD) has charged the parliament to summon Minister of Defense, Angelina Teny over the deployment of South Sudan Defense Forces for peace mission in DR. Congo.

The PPP-SSD President, Advocate Kuot Akok Majongciming said that the minister needs to appear before MPs and explain the legality and procedure used in sending SSPDF troops for peace mission in Congo.

According to the opposition politician, sending the troops to eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo to restore security there is null and void in the sense that it is not approved by the National Legislative Assembly.

He said the fact remains that it’s an obligation under article 6 (d) and 7 of the Treaty for the Establishment of EAC, 1999 as amended to further with the aims and objectives of the EAC as provided under article 3 and 5 of the supra treaty stating that any partner state willing to contribute should first conduct a legal procedure before deployment.

“This mission is a matter of life and death. And so, the terms and conditions for the deployment of SSPDF forces to Congo first requires a deliberation and approval by the parliament,” Kuot says.

“Issues including the salaries for the soldiers need scrutiny. The salaries, and the mode of receipt must be discussed by the R-TNLA because it is their mandate as defined in the act 57(b) of the Transitional Constitution of the Republic of South Sudan 2011 as amended,” the opposition leader further states.

According to the politician, the legal steps is to ensure that the soldiers on this mission will not end up suffering in the foreign land, meanwhile leaving their families in starvation like they are doing for their motherland.

“It’s worth noting that it’s only in South Sudan where a soldier or any government official works without a contract for employment – which is contrary to the international labor practices,” Kuot Akol decries.

The opposition party leader fears that the government had signed a million dollars contract in the name of the troops, and may be embezzled by the leaders.

“The government had signed a million dollars contract for sending these hungry troops. And this money may end up in the pocket of some elites instead of being paid to the soldiers like how it happens in other partner states,” he ascertains.

In his press statement Kuot Akol accused President Salva Kiir of interfering with the affairs of other arms of the government.

The president doesn’t care. He interferes in the functions of other arms of the government. This is uncalled for,” he challenged.

The PPP-SSD chairperson, also urged on the government to deploy enough forces in the areas being ravaged by the violent conflicts in Pibor, Upper Nil state, Tonj, Twic, Abyei, among others because it’s a preliminary duty of the government to protect the citizens by restoring absolute stability before rushing to foreign security.

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