Activist blasts politicians for fueling communal violence

By Mary Poni

An activist has blasted the country’s politicians for fueling communal violence in some parts of the country.

Speaking to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper yesterday, Edmund Yakani the Executive Director Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) said time has come for the politicians fueling communal violence to face the law. 

“With regards to the sub-national violence, it is good that the President had mentioned that some of the deadly communal violence happening in the country at the sub-national level are being fueled by some politicians who are the selfish political gangs” he said.

Yakani reiterated that time has come for the politicians to face the law including some of the generals in the army who are as well doing the same practices including some prophets and traditional leaders in the region of Upper Nile. “All of them need to be named and face the law” said Yakani.

He said the rest of the issues raised by the President have reached their expectations as they have raised during their advocacy.

He thanked and congratulated President Kiir for responding to their concerns as activists that they have been raising in their advocacy speech especially in the areas of rampant killing and attacks amongst the citizens.

On the other hand, he said some of the public institutions have taken the points of aspirations in President’s speech into action because every year people see such great speeches but they don’t see a follow up.

“We need to see an opening of civic and political space so that we can engage constructively on matters of constitutional making process, election, population record, forgiveness and reconciliation” said Yakani.

President Kiir had mentioned in his speech that he needs cooperation with the citizens.

“As South Sudanese we are ready for it but we (citizens) need a civic and political space open because the political parties need to be registered before inclusivity for the election to run” Yakani stated.

Mr. Edmund cited that the reconstitution of the relevant institutions is also very important, the institutions include the Political Parties Council, National Election Commission, National Constitution Review Commission and the formation of the Commission for Healing and Reconciliation.

He noted that these institutions are very important to deliver this exercise. He also echoed on supporting and empowering the population census bureau right now because the population census is a costly exercise that requires time.

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