Lawmakers call  for quick rescue as Pibor attacks surge

By Bida Elly David

Legislators representing Pibor Constituency at the TNLA are calling on the international community, Humanitarian organizations and the government to immediately rescue the remaining civilians from further tragedies.

In a joint statement extended to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper yesterday, the legislators revealed that massive destruction at the eve of 24th December 2022 was waged on civilians against Greater Pibor Administrative Area, where many were killed and others displaced.

“We call upon the national government, regional and international community and humanitarian agencies to scale up their intervention and respond quickly to rescue the people of Greater Pibor Administrative Area in this horrible situation. The affected population is in dire need of humanitarian assistance such as non-food and food items,” they said.

The legislators in their statement accused the white army spearheaded by Gen Gatwech Duol for having waged massive attacks and destructions on the eve of 24th December 2022, where many civilians lost lives and others were displaced.

They condemned the deadly killings and termed it as awful and brutal activity against humanity saying that the tyranny against the population of Murle and the Collo communities should be mitigated by the authority before it escalates.

Furthermore, the legislators revealed that the attacks in Lekuangole, Gumuruk and Verteth Counties have displaced 7,716 households representing 42,440 individuals in which women and children were mostly affected.

“As Members of the parliament representing that Constituency, we are here to express our concerns of this deplorable and awful act of committing genocide against humanity. The disgraceful and lawlessness stage of the white army terrorizing the people of the greater Upper Nile region particularly Murle and Collo community in South Sudan is unacceptable,” said the MPs.

Moreover, the legislators have called on the warring communities of greater Jonglei and Greater Pibor Administrative Area to peacefully Co-exist and end the bloodshed of the population.

Last week, the information Minister of Pibor Administrative Area reported that the Jonglei White army had objected to cease fire and continued to rebel against the population brutally.

The UN earlier reported that at least an estimated figure of 30,000 people have reportedly fled their homes due to renewed violence triggered by armed youth in Greater Pibor area.

OCHA said Some 5,000 internally displaced people, including women and children, have arrived in Pibor town after fleeing the conflict areas of Gumuruk and Lekuangole.

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