Police apprehends woman for attempted suicide

By Bida Elly David

The national police spokesperson has over the weekend said that the authority apprehended a woman and put her behind bars following an attempted suicide at Jebel Suburbs.

Speaking to the press over the weekend, the national police spokesperson, Maj. Gen. Daniel Justine revealed that the woman climbed up a roof of a church setting to throw herself but was hurriedly rescued by passers-by and apprehended.

Justine said that the woman whose name remained withheld made the suicidal attempt following family issues that were not clearly elaborated.

He said that the woman stayed up the roof of the church for more than nine hours of tears flow and decided to climb down following pardons and consolations from the public.

Furthermore, Justine reiterated that the woman will undergo trial for her act as stated in the penal code act 2008 section 315 pronouncing imprisonment of anybody who shall attempt to commit suicide or else be fined.

“The woman climbed up the roof of a Church for ten hours due to family issues. Although she did not reveal in detail the problems, she came down through the help of the passers-by at Jebel Market. We have apprehended her and put her in custody to await trial under the penal code act 2008 section 315. We have filed a case against her and for that matter shall undergo interrogations,” he said. 

Johnson Lemi, an eye witness of the scene told No.1.Citizen Daily Newspaper that the woman who made the attempt was believed to have been traumatized following cumulative family problems that went beyond her powers.

Lemi said that the residents including religious leaders serving in the church tried their best to rescue her but she insisted and listened lately.

“We really never knew the actual reason for her decision but we tried our best to rescue her as a mother to children but she turned deaf ears for a period of time due to trauma,” he said.

Moreover, Lemi said that reports from other sources revealed that the woman faced a tragic marital history as her irresponsible husband couldn’t cater for the needs of their progenies.

“Her closest neighbours said that the woman’s husband is not responsible at all. He could drink and focus much on women leaving their kids to face food shortage, health access among others,” he said.

Recently, a woman activist Drabuga Dorothy revealed a number of troubles that women face in their marriages following disgrace from disrespected husbands urging them to focus much on achieving their goals although they are abandoned.

She said that 29% of women in the Country face serious trauma due to the problems generated from marriages.

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