Deployment of the SSPDF to the Democratic Republic of Congo is a great thing for South Sudan. It will be a good thing for the country because one; we shall be in position to show the region and the whole world that despite what is going on in the country – the never-ending conflicts, unrests, insecurities and chaos. A small portion of the nation that thoughtful of the positive future of the East African Community coming to full life with support from each member country coming in to help another for the sake of the whole region developing.

A vision so great like this to be seen by only a very small group of people is not bad. The only challenge comes when the wider group of people with whom they try to share with do not pay attention to seeing the same vision like the former. With this blindness, they end up missing out on the being part of the next great development. What is sadder though is the fact that they will not find any problem with this but will live their lives like it is okay to be visionless and without purpose.

“South Sudan has a role to play in bringing lasting peace in the East African region. This contribution does not negate that we have challenges at home, but South Sudan as a country must move forward by doing its parts among the peers.” President Salva Kiir said this to address the criticisms that came from many people including the public about how insincere it was that South Sudan was sending troops to DRC while she is still battling insecurity and conflict.  

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