Parents cautioned against aiding children’s criminality

By Bida Elly David

The Police authority in Juba has cautioned parents against supporting their children amid deadly crimes committed against the nation causing serious unrest to the Country’s general population terming the act as deadly phenomenon.

He said this on Tuesday following the arrest of forty four crooks who participated in deadly attacks and killing of innocent civilians in Juba.

Speaking to the media this week, Maj. Gen.  Daniel Justine, the national police spokesperson said that the continuous crimes caused by these young stars arose due to parental negligence and too much sympathy.

He said that the police authority has encountered several cases regarding parents standing in support of their children following crimes committed adding that the police would not compromise any parent who shall rebel in a bid to support their kids.

“We as the police officers have come through many challenges as some parents support their children that we arrest. We are not against the children but after the crimes they commit in the community,” he said.

Furthermore, Justine echoed that relation between the police and the parents for the young stars have been declining since they resisted to cooperate with them in support of their children against the police.

“Some parents do not cooperate with us as the officers of the law. Instead they blame us for carrying our security initiative to protect civilians from any tragedy. I need to make it clear that when these children are with them at home, we don’t intervene but when they commit crimes in the public, it is our duty to discipline them,” he said.

Maj. Gen. Justine said that the young stars have totally become a national threat that they could not fear the concerned authority but by force by fire, they will not escape justice.

“These boys have grown horns to the level of not fearing the authority. They need to threaten the nation but we will ensure that they face justice and punishment. Our operation will continue with inspection all the areas across the nation for the safety of the citizens,” he said.

He called on area leadership and concerned parents to play a crucial role in helping the government towards transforming the young ones.

“The tendency of young people forming themselves into different groups to threaten and kill citizens will end soon. We have identified areas where several killings and attacks by the gang groups happen. We cooperate with area administrations to bring these to the end,” he said.

However, Justine pointed out that they are soon carrying comprehensive joint operations to dig out the cruel gangs from their lion’s den and impose practical discipline against the crooks.

He finally pronounced justice against parents who shall not abide by the initiative of the police against the act of their children who rebel against the security of the nation.

Yesterday, the police reported that two police officers were slapped and injured by aggressive members of gang groups. They said that the gang declared war against them where both parties clashed and the young stars were overthrown.

The spokesperson said that the operation shall be carried to ensure that all the niggers across the Country are brought to book.

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