President Kiir reshuffles Jonglei, Unity states’ cabinets

By William Madouk Garang

Details about the names of state officials in Jonglei and Unity states has emerged following President Salva Kiir’s waves last Tuesday.

The decrees dismissing state officials and appointing others in Jonglei and Unity State that dished out on January 3rd, 2023 led to the dismissal of the speaker of Jonglei state Legislative Assembly, Amer Ateny Alier who was appointed in 2021 on SPLM-IO ticket.

However, President Kiir did not name Amer’s replacement. And as usual, no reasons were given for mini reshuffle.

In a separate decree read on the state-own SSBC on Tuesday evening, the head of state also sacked and appointed State Ministers, County Commissioners, and members of Independent Commissions of both Jonglei and Unity states.

President Kiir fired the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs in Unity state, Rial Jany Tabuom and replaced him with Mathiang Dak Chol.

He also removed Yuot Alier as the Commissioner of Bor County and replaced him with James Tuor Kur.

Kiir also appointed John Bol Mayak as the County Commissioner of Mayom – replacing late James Chuol Gatluak Manime who was killed in July last year.

The Tuesday evening decrees also led to the removal of Duk county commissioner in Jonglei state, Mr. John Chatim and was replaced with Peter Latjor Chuol.

The President also removed David Gai Jiejor from his position as the State Minister of Culture Youth & Sport, and he was replaced by John Yien Kuol.

Gabriel Kon Makuany was also shown exit gate as the State Minister of Information and Communication and David Gai Jiejor took the seat.

While Angelina Thomas Gatchol was appointed as the Minister of Cooperatives and Rural Development.

Kai Riek was appointed as the state minister of Health – replacing Lam Moses who was also removed on the same fateful night.

Rarka Machar was removed as the State Chairperson for Human Rights Commission and replaced with Gatiek Both Chiengjok.

David Bapiny Ruot and Kuijang Kuol Gew were removed as Members of the Human Rights Commission and replaced with Samuel Maping Gatluak and David Machot Gaduot respectively.

Soul Jal Bab was removed as a member of the Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation and replaced with Suleiman Ber Rika.

Others include, Peltek Geng was removed as a member of the Employee Justice Chamber and replaced with Biel Mut.

The decree further effected the appointment of John Yien Kuol and Duer Khor Kuoth as SPLM-ITGoNU members of Unity State Legislative Assembly.

He additionally appointed John Gatluak Dhuor and Thor Jal Bab from SPLM-ITGoNU as the new member of Parliament to the Unity State Legislative Assembly.

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