Decrees that have no reason to back them why should be revised so that the public knows why then that decree was passed at that moment. President Salva Kiir again declared appointments and dismissals of particular people and positions or offices. Reasons were not given again – a trend it is in our country.

Let us break down the terms, position and office. The English dictionary defines position as the point or area occupied by a physical object – person in this regard while office as the relationships within an organization that allow particular people to have power over others.

As citizens who ought to have a say on how the country is run: to a small extent at least given our context – we should be bothered by the same occurrences. These things that are happening in the country like a pattern. Like a game orchestrated by one and with a script followed by another.

Eye Radio reported saying, “the reasons for the changes were not mentioned in the decree.” Given the office that our President holds and in relation with the powers he yields – although quite contrary to what the Transitional Constitution states, the decrees that are made never have a reason to back them up. People are left with speculations and this has become a norm unfortunately.

The ideal reason why somebody becomes a politician should be to serve their country and drive it into all round development. James Weinberg, a Lecturer in Political Behaviour at the University of Sheffield gives his opinion, “Far from acting as an apologist for politicians, I argue that it is both fair and democratically necessary to remember that they are neither an homogenized group of saints nor sinners.”    

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