SSFA candidate officially announces open campaign for presidency

By Mary Poni

Majok Ayii Muorwel, one of the contestants for the top leadership of South Sudan Athletics Federation (SSAF) has declared his candidacy for presidency.

The less known contestant has revealed his interest in an announcement yesterday in Juba.

“I do here by officially announce my candidacy for the position of president of South Sudan Athletics Federation,” Candidate Majok Ayii Muorwel said in his address to journalist yesterday.

He said the federation will join efforts with the government in building the nation and restoration of peace through the athletics activities in the country.

Mr. Majok Ayii is campaigning under the Theme ‘Together for athletics Development in South Sudan’. The campaign that started yesterday 4th is expected to continue up to 28th of January 2023.   

He said he will do his best to work with other top federation officials, as well as pay attention to talents in Athletics at state and national level for the upcoming generation.

“As president, my long-term plan is to develop an advanced athletic program. I plan to construct a scientific field and track facilities suiting world standard,” Majok declared.

“Secondly, there would be training of coaches and technical officials that will be conducted within priority areas, and training of athletics (men and women) including those from 20 years and above,” he continued.

The youth athletics from 18-19 years will be under (U20), Juniors from age 16-17 (U18) and kid’s athletics that are for the senior.

He said the federation will be responsible for funding and conducting training camps inside and outside the country – as well as getting involved in competitions and trials for qualification to allow the athletics compete in regional, continental and world championship based on the levels.

“As we don’t have facilities for qualifications, we are in cooperation with our neighboring country Uganda where our athletes used to compete,” said Ayii Muorwel.

Majok Ayii is a former vice president of the South Sudan Athletics Federation.

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