Vital issues missing in discussions

“Even if you build a concrete house on it, as long as it is a football field, it must be reclaimed, and we are going to implement the Presidential order on that” CES Governor, Emmanuel Adil was quoted.

Inhabitation of play grounds of course should not be a thing to be encouraged in the community however, this is not the most pressing issue in town currently. The Governor supposedly would have tackled the most pressing concerns: the issues happening in town that are connected to life and death of citizens for instance addressing concerns on grabbing of land from rightful owners, invasions of villages, attacks and killings, the notorious gangs, the high and the rising cost of living. It sometimes gets the citizens questioning, ‘how exactly is our governor supposed to perform his duty of service to us?’

Does illegal inhabitants of the town football play grounds also qualify to the shop owners for instance those who are building permanent shops on Gudele road along Boaba-Lou; the business area that caught fire last year but the owners decided to establish the shops as permanent to avoid suffering the same accident next time. One ironical fact from observation is how these shops are being built right in front of a football stadium.   

It would appear like the Governor’s sword only comes into existence and usage when he desires to put across an order for the citizens to follow. This would not have been so bad a thing if the more critical matters of life and death in the state were tackled first. Otherwise, what would it matter if these football grounds are freed of the illegal inhabitants but left with actual inhabitant to use this country’s resource because they have been killed but all decided to be silent! 

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