Affected population in Fashoda decry lack of food and medics

By Bida Elly David

The displaced population in Fashoda County is facing severe starvation and medical complications following the recent inter-communal conflict that resulted in bloodshed and displacement of many.

Speaking to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper yesterday, Joseph Aban the Commissioner of Fashoda County said that the majority of inhabitants have not yet returned to their vicinities since the level of insecurity has not normalized.

He revealed that over 10,000 civilians deserted their homes in search of refuge following the inter-communal violence, but the few that returned are currently in a desperate situation.

Joseph did not reveal the statistics of the citizens who face desperate food and medical crisis in the area saying that a formed enumeration committee was carrying out the statistical analysis to be detailed.

However, he said that his administration has run out of food and medical services to rescue its citizens from the overall suffering they battle.

The Commissioner said that Humanitarian Organizations formerly donated five hundred bags of grain to support the affected population, but due to the high demand and continuous influx of new people, they reached into serious deficit.

“Many citizens have not yet returned back to their homes. They are currently camping with us. They are currently in serious starvation as the food items previously donated got finished within a short period of time” he said.

He added that the population is battling a serious malaria epidemic due to the lack of mosquito nets and proper shelters for their accommodation in the camp.

“Our support used to come from the World Food Program and the church but since the donation got finished, the people have been in a destitute and desperate situation. There are no mosquito nets and most of them are seriously sick of malaria and typhoid” Joseph said.

He further said that despite the slow security recovery in the County, the majority of the people still live in total fear – believing that they are not safe from the hands of their enemies.

“Our people still fear although the security is slowly improving. They truly need the support of the national government and humanitarian organizations” he said.

He called on the national government and humanitarian organizations to extend their support to the affected citizens in Fashoda.

“Malakal PoC contains some of the affected population. We as the government are seeking for sources that can aid us with food and medicines for our people since all that we had got finished” he said.

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