Mayor faults media over disseminating government errors

By Bida Elly David

The Mayor of Juba City Council, Michael Lado Allahjabu blames media houses for reporting errors committed by the political leadership of the country at all levels.

The mayor claimed the press, especially private radio journalists are putting much emphasis on all mistakes committed by politicians – leaving the positive contributions exercised in support of the nation.

Speaking during a get-together ceremony organized by the management of Equator Broadcasting Cooperation at their premises over the weekend, Alahjabu faulted media houses for not compromising when reporting.

“The media need to protect confidential issues to maintain the reputation of the leaders. Leaders in authority are humans who are capable of committing mistakes. But the media could not compromise them” he said.

“We have noticed that some radio stations especially the private ones have not been regulated. If we make mistakes in the government or as individuals, don’t expose us to that extent but render us some respect. Responsible personnel in the government need to be treated with dignity” he urged.

The mayor further said that the media should use their ethics and professionalism to check and balance stories in a way that would maintain the political legacy of the nation.

“We know that you have ethics and professionalism and you are the most respected people in your field, and we, therefore, respect you in your task. But you need not be too hard sometimes” he reiterated.

Michael on another note acknowledged concerns over press freedom. He however warned that it should not be a way to destroy leaders.

“We know that sometimes you undergo sufferings from some of us just because there is no freedom for the press. You should also know that there are some information which is not supposed to be shared while others are communicated but can’t understand that” said Allahjabu

Recently, Edmund Yakani, the Executive Director for Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) slammed the government for having disregarded the media from exercising their freedom of the press.

He termed the move as an act against civic space where freedom of expression has been withheld and restricted in order to cover up malpractices.

He called on the leaders to give the media their full freedom to report facts about the nation and the leaders.

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