MP rubbishes revocation claims

By William Madouk Garang

National MP, Daniel Juol Nhonmgek has dismissed revocation rumours for him and some of his colleagues over accusations of lobbying for the removal of the House Leadership,

In a statement seen by No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper, Mr. Nhonmgek called the report false information.

“I have now discovered that some disgruntled people are spreading information that I and some of my colleagues’ membership in the parliament are going to be revoked because we have a problem with the top leadership in the Parliament” MP Nhonmgek said.

“I would like to clarify that there is nothing like that and the people should not be worried about it” he added.

The MP who is in parliament on the SPLM-IO ticket affirmed that his Chairman Riek Machar will not allow the removal of the members who are doing their constitutional duty.

He lamented that if MPs’ financial independence is not guaranteed then they can remain vulnerable to the whims of the executive.

“This can reduce the Parliament into the burdening institution to the country instead of helping it” he said.

Nhomngek explained this was the basis of their campaigns which recently reached the climax when they called for the reshuffling of the National Parliament, in order to get new top leadership that can carry out reforms as per the agreement.

According to him, Art.67 and 77 of the Constitution of South Sudan, 2011 read together with Regulations 145 and 147 of the TNLA Conduct of Business Regulations, 2011 as amended in 2021 ensure freedom and immunity for members to speak on behalf of people. Without being subject to any proceedings of the court, or any action to be taken against them as long as they have not defamed anyone. 

“If we mention the names of individuals within the leadership or institution, it should be understood that we are talking about the leadership or institution but not individuals in persona” he clarified.

The revocation allegation comes just three days after the lawmakers want changes to the assembly business committee (ABC), where the speaker, deputy speakers, and leaders of specialized committees meet to address issues troubling the assembly.

Nhomngek called on the peace partners to make the changes, alleging that the House leadership is using Parliament as a cash cow to secure funding for selected top officials, local media quoted.

“The parliament is supposed to be an engine that generates all the activities in the country and makes sure that the welfare of citizens is put above everything” he stated.

Nhomngek made a sensational allegation when he said that the House leadership deliberately delayed the recess funding to disrupt the system so that the lawmakers could not travel to interact with the constituents.

Prior to distributing the vacation funds for the Members of Parliament to utilize while visiting their constituents, TNLA Speaker Jemma Nunu Kumba announced a two-week’s recess.

But for Nhomngek, the whole thing was mired in a conspiracy: “The money was to have been released, but there was confusion…The leadership of the parliament was not willing to release the money until after Christmas had passed.

He said the move would be in good faith as it would serve the interests of the public and foster accountability.

Juma Zachariah Deng, another lawmaker for Jur River County, claimed that the parliament was to blame for the public’s continues suffering since its leadership was unwilling to hold the executive accountable.

Deng cited instances where ministers were summoned for questioning last year but no follow-up action was taken to hold them accountable for their blatant disregard for the House.

“My message to the agreement’s parties is that we confirm that these ABCs in parliament are not doing anything for the people. When they are fighting, they are just fighting for their own benefit” Deng said.

“We need to see a competent ABC looking after the staff in the parliament and caring about the well-being of the members of the parliament here and elsewhere” he said.

Three days ago, some members of the national parliament pushed for the removal of the Speaker, Jemma Nunu and her Deputy Nathaniel Oyet, citing a lack of commitment that could permit the legislative arm of the government to do its business.

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