President kiir fires Undersecretary of defense ministry and two others

By Bida Elly David

The President of the Republic of South Sudan yesterday issued a Republican decree axing Chol Biar the Undersecretary of defense in the national ministry of defense and veteran affairs replacing him with Victor Atem Atem as a new successor.

The pronouncement of this Republican decree was issued yesterday on South Sudan broadcasting cooperation SSBC following previous reshuffle made by President Kiir, a few days ago.

“I Salva Kiir Mayardit President of the Republic of South Sudan do hereby relief Hon. Chol Biar Nyang from his position as the Undersecretary of defense from the ministry of defense and veteran affairs. Issued under my hands this 9th –Jan-2023 signed Salva Kiir Mayardit President of the Republic of South Sudan Juba’’ the decree read.

In the same decree, President Kiir also axed Kuol Diem Kuol the Chief Administrator of special Abyei Administrative Area replacing him with Chol Deng Alath as his heir in the leadership seat.

Furthermore, President Kiir in the same pronouncement also relieved Eng: Deng Tong Goch the Commissioner of Twic County of Warrap State from SPLA-IO, but didn’t the successor immediately.

In continuation, President Kiir also issued a decree cancelling a ministerial order for the formation of six member board of directors to manage international gateway for South Sudan.

President Kiir in his pronouncement said that the formation of the board was illegally established.

He directed the National Communication Authority (NCA) to take charge and manage the said international gateway while taking appropriate measures to protect security of information and communication networks against intrusions.

However, the decree also cited that the international communication authority together with relevant government institutions were also directed to come up with a legal frame work of procedures for proper establishment and management of the international gateway accordingly.

However, the decree did not reveal the reasons behind the relieving of the predecessors based on reasons best known by the Presidency and the executive.

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