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Kiden Stela Mandela

In every country, education is taken as the key for development. It is through education that good leadership is seen, qualify doctors, engineers, pilots, teachers and many other leaders in the country.

Without education, nothing will move ahead. With set Syllabus as an eye opener, professionalism in dwelling mostly is happening in developed countries.

Looking back home here, South Sudan education is taken as a joking matter where since the time of coronavirus up to now, there is no clear timetable set for the students for key subjects like English and Mathematics.
If it is messed up right from the beginning, then it is the end of it which is seen in the current Syllabus.

This failure will not remain in the primary, it will continue to university and that is why a primary eight pupils cannot speak good English.

In a country for it to run smoothly, the key Ministry is to be built well with people who are knowledgeable in the Ministry of education, Health and finance to maintain the wellbeing of the country. South Sudan should adopt new System and to see how education is improving otherwise the generation will be in anxious situation because you can see that since the breakout of COVID-19 the time wasn’t change.

The Ministry of Higher Education and the Finance should carry the blame for the delay of civil servants’ salaries especially for the educators. It sometimes diminishes morals for teachers in carrying out their duties, yet Education is the Key to success in the whole world. With the current situation, the lecturers in some states are already giving alarm to due to the salary arrears. It has been happening all these years, such teachers are going on street to demand for their right simply because South Sudan have all that can cater for the country’s civil servants but failure in planning and management of resources everything is politicized, nothing because politics is the only key to power, and if this is the way then the country will be forced to higher experts in such ministry.

For education to pick up well, there is need for the system to be put in place, build more schools than hotels, pay teachers’ salaries on time, separate education from politics, set interschool competition ready beyond to find new skills that your neighboring countries use and life goes on.

To my candidate classes primary Eight and senior four students, do not play much, read your books there is no time for you to spend any longer. Exams are around the corner waiting for you to be a better leader. This is only when you get good results. The government have done its part by providing conducive environment for studies in South Sudan not like those days when the country was under Sudan government where there was discrimination.

God Bless South Sudan

Be right there!    

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