Citizens question SSPDF vehicles accident on Congo mission

By Bida Elly David

Members of the public are questioning the accident involving two vehicles carrying SSPDF soldiers to Congo.

Speaking to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper on condition of anonymity, one of the citizens said that the involvement of the forces in a road accident is a clear symbol that the leadership of the SSPDF tasked unqualified drivers who are incapable of covering long distances or else they were drunk.

“How can a national army get involved in a road accident on the way to a peace keeping mission before covering half of their journey? The drivers were either drunk or are not qualified to take the lead of the string,” he said.

Another one with the same plea of concealment however confessed his trust on the SSPDF forces. He said the SSPDF is capable of restoring peace in Congo despite the accident – saying that what happened was normal and can’t be controlled if it was meant to happen by nature.

The statements by the members of public follow an incident where two vehicles among the SPPDF convoy on peace mission to DR. Congo were involved in an accident.

While addressing journalists at the military headquarter yesterday, the spokesperson of the army, Lul Ruai confirmed that two vehicles transporting the SSSPF peace keeping forces to Congo were indeed involved in the reported road accident.

 “It is true that two vehicles were involved in accident after they had departed from here. But there were no injuries and considerable damage.  Nobody was hurt and the vehicles have been fixed,” he said.

However, Lul did not disclose the cause of the accident and the location of the scene. Lul said that despite the tragedy, the forces continued with their journey until they reached their first station.

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