Economic hardships are due to corruption 

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Kiden Stela Mandela

In every country corruption of whatever kind has not been legalized, governments have put in place legal instruments or regime to deter, criminalize, and punish those that might be found at the altar of it. Similarly, the government of South Sudan has some legal settings and jurisdiction that fight corruption. But there are no well-functioning institutions to deal with the corruption. This couples with lack of political will to fight it.

The legal instruments and institutions that fight corruption are all supposed to standalone from any political, military pressure, and must have safeguards that guarantee their operations constitutionally.

Corruption normally covers length parameters and fighting it is so thorny. It’s the moral responsibility of the government to spearhead the fight against corruption. However, most of the corruption take place in government institutions or offices. The corruption in such offices are very sophisticated, highly connected to influential figures, and wield candid bureaucratic skills that give hard time to auditors to detect. In a well-established system of governance, corruption is highly regarded as threat that if not well handled, will interfere with the normal functioning of the state. As such, intelligence agencies are empowered to tackle white collar crimes (in this case corruption in public offices) regardless of who holds the office.

Let’s look at the economic situation in the country, so far many people are starving of hunger due to high prices in the market and the poor citizens are unable to survive because everything is calculated basing on the increased $ USD in the country, today the dollar rate is at 70,000 per $ 100 to make matters worst, civil servants sometime their salaries does not reach quota of that. And the institution dealing with issues to do with increase or reduction of dollar rates or on the commodity are silent they neither talk about it or do something as long as they are not faced with the problems and this sign of corruption is too much to control.

This situation is tense to day in Juba, the number of panhandler’s is more than the working-class women, youth, and children and is happening in a country with a lot of resources which is so shameful.

As the year starts, I’m calling on the unity government to stabilize security in the country and also to work on the issue of economic hardship in the country more especially the dollar rates, this country needs to practice Agriculture to avoid this situation. 

God Bless South Sudan

Be Right there!

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