Fresh clashes leave 15 dead in Jonglei

By Bida Elly David

Jonglei State Minster of information reported that at least 15 people were reportedly killed and 8 others wounded in a fatal coordinated attacks by heavily armed Murle youth from Greater Pibor administrative area.

In a press statement extended to No.1.Citizen Daily Newspaper yesterday, John Samuel, the Jonglei State Minister of information said that 3 children in Uror Boma were reportedly abducted by the same youth of Greater Pibor administrative area.

He said that the same attackers from the GPAA yesterday attacked Patuak Boma, Pulchuol payam and further tried to raid herds of cattle which were later on recovered by the authority.

“On the night of 10th –Jan-2023 armed Murle youth from GPAA carried out a series of fatal coordinated attacks in the areas of Uror and Nyiror Counties. These places are Karam Payam, Ngueny Boma and Matot Payam, Yardit and Pakum Boma of Nyirol County. In those attacks they killed a total of 12 people, wounded 8 and abducted 3 children, killed other 3 and raided thousands of cattle,” he said.

Furthermore, Minister Samuel reiterated that cumulative frequency of 69 people was reportedly killed and 100 others wounded in attacks waged against Jonglei people last month.

“In the summary of all the attacks in Jonglei state for the past one-month raids, 69 killed and more than 100 people wounded. The women and children abducted for the last six months goes upto 46 and thousands of cattle raided,” he said.

Minister Samuel strongly condemned the atrocities committed by the armed Murle youth calling on the government of the greater Pibor administrative area to demonstrate the gesture of peace.

He also called on the GPAA government to ensure submission of their abducted children by the armed youth of greater Pibor administrative area back to their places for the sake of peaceful co-existence.

“As government of Jonglei State, we condemn such atrocities being committed by armed youth from GPAA. We call on our counterpart, the government of GPAA to replicate the same gesture of peace that our government is committed to by calling back their youth who are terrorizing our communities to retreat and return to their respective areas and collect their abductees the same way we are collecting the women and children recently abducted from the GPAA,” he said.

Jonglei extended their condolences and sympathy to the families who lost their loved ones and those whom their children were abducted and promised accountability.

However, efforts to contact GPAA authority have been made but couldn’t reach on time.

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